Human Tissue Allografts


Human tissue allografts harness the innate healing power of the human body.

Surgilogix offers physicians a natural alternative to synthetic, cadaveric or animal-derived allograft products. Our human tissue allografts harness the innate healing power of the human body, aiding physicians in their efforts to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

  • Amniotic Tissue Allografts

    Placental tissue allografts for use in surgical or in-office settings. SXBarrier™ is a membrane allograft.

  • Demineralized Bone Matrix

    Bone allografts available in putty, strips, cubes or fiber. SXDBM™ allografts are used in OB/GYN, Urology, Spine & Musculoskeletal medicine, Sports Medicine and General Surgery.

SXBarrier™ is a human tissue allograft comprised of minimally manipulated amniotic membrane. It is intended to cover and protect damaged tissue and can be sutured, glued or laid in place to support native tissue during the healing process. May be trimmed to the desired size and shape.
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SXDBM™ is human allograft bone that can be used to fill voids or gaps in the extremities, spine and pelvis. The bone allograft aids in the healing process by filling defects that occurred during surgery or as a result of a traumatic injury. SXDBM™ is available in a putty, strip, cube or fiber format.
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