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Experience partnership a different way. We view distributors and independent sales representatives as an extension of our value promise. Together, with integrity, excellence and partnership, we deliver regenerative medicine products that help physicians improve patient outcomes.

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A Trusted Partner

  • Volume discounts translate to lower cost than what you could get direct from the manufacturer
  • Competitive commission rates with multiple bonus opportunities puts you in charge of your growth
  • Assistance with facility contracting means we work along side of you to clear administration hurdles
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Easy to do Business With

  • Next-day product availability means products are available for all your cases
  • On-time and accurate commission payouts ensures a steady stream of income
  • A single point-of-contact for product support, orders and invoicing makes getting answers simple.
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Sales Support & Growth Opportunities

  • Cutting-edge regenerative medicine products help your physicians improve patient outcomes and make you a valuable asset
  • Regular communications including research, insights and training keep you current on what’s hot in the industry
  • Access to an expanding network of manufacturers allows you priority access to add new products to your portfolio

SurgiLogix is actively looking for independent distributors for our products. If you are interested or would like more information please fill out the form below and will we contact you to discuss the opportunity.