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A key value at SurgiLogix is regular communication. Communicating with our physicians, representatives, prospects and others in the medical community is a top priority. You can expect to hear from us regularly – through updates on social media, phone calls, emails, invitations to our office and visits to your facility.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact SurgiLogix directly. A member of the SurgiLogix team will be happy to speak to you about our products and company, orders, invoices and billing codes, or the regenerative medicine market.

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16107 University Oak, Ste 102
San Antonio, TX 78249
P: (877) 781-4406
F: (877) 292-9353



SurgiLogix is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. We welcome visitors to our office where we house our operations, marketing, distribution, sales and administrative departments. We also frequently host presentations with members of the medical community where we discuss the science behind our allograft products and educate physicians, distributors and other stakeholders on the innovative, regenerative medicine technologies available from Surgilogix. Contact SurgiLogix toll free at (877) 781-4406 to schedule a presentation or facility tour.